Ralls History

Andy and Stephanie Ralls started with nothing more than a strong will to succeed and a solid business plan to accomplish that goal. While Andy and Stephanie were very successful with their current employers it only seemed natural for them to begin their own business adventure and founded Ralls Precision Machine, Inc. The combination of customer service and office management experience that Stephanie had brought to the table complimented Andy’s vast manufacturing experience. Together the two hit the ground running and began planning the first CNC machine purchase.

RPM has since built an extremely capable manufacturing facility with a constant eye on the future. Starting off in a 1,200 sq.ft shop in a busy industrial complex RPM now operates out of a stand alone property with 6,800 sq.ft manufacturing floor and 1,700 sq.ft of office space conveniently located in beautiful Santee, CA. Continuously investing in the company has been a key factor in maintaining the cutting edge over the competition.

RPM now offers full 3D and multi Axis machining, along with turning capabilities of up to 16” diameter X 32” in length. In addition to some very powerful machining capabilities RPM also has the latest in Cad Cam machining and design software and produces products from concept to full production. Including assembly, inspection, and testing. Prototype and quick turnaround jobs have always been a staple for RPM.

Building strong bonds with clients through the prototyping process has resulted in many running their production thru RPM as well, with great success! With the focus being CNC machining RPM offers Welding and fabrication services with experience using various materials including Titanium, Inconel, and aluminum alloys of all types. From the Department of Defense to the inventor with an idea, Ralls Precision Machine, Inc. can help you with any and all your manufacturing needs.

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